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DKS holelessbelt

 original  hole-less ratchet belt     since 2001

holeless belt

Since 2001

Thousands clients are enjoying DKS holelessbelt  products in all over the world and pay many compliments to us. 

It is about comfort  

The belt's  twenty four - thirty two locking points ( hidden inside ) are simply slipped through the buckle and locked into position. You will immediately feel the added comfort as the belt conforms to your exact size.

It is about quality 

100 % genuine leather quality used throughout, no low grade or PVC substitutes. Better still, no more scratches or wear marks like traditional belts with fixed number of holes. Buckle is engineered to last a life time.

It is about style

Classic and contemporary buckle designs are created by expert fashion designers. Belt or buckle function can be interchangeable so you can 

exchange your favorite belt color in black or brown to match to your shoes or pants. You will feel a perfect fit not only to your waist but to your style too.

It is the most comfortable belt in the world! 

" This is probably one of the most innovative Mens accessory products in the world. I have been looking for a belt like this for a long time, I wish the company would do more marketing because every man should have at least one if not two. "

Try and Enjoy your's !